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Wellness coach Nicole Bottineau assisting clients at Free2Be Fitness

Buket Necip


Meet Buket Necip, the heart behind Free2Be Fitness. With over 20 years of experience in the fast-paced world of finance and fintech, Buket knows a thing or two about burnout – she’s been there herself. But it was during the pandemic that she had a wake-up call. “COVID made me realize how much I’d been missing out on my family and myself,” she shares. Buket discovered she wasn’t alone in feeling disconnected from her true self. Armed with a degree in Health Sciences and fueled by her love for fitness and coaching, Free2Be Fitness was established. It’s not your average gym experience. Here, it’s about more than just sweating it out – it’s about nurturing your body, mind, and soul.

Andrea MacDougall, a wellness coach at Free2Be Fitness, supporting clients

Andrea MacDougall


As a retired RN turned health and wellness specialist, I’ve always had a deep passion for holistic living. I always advocate for preventative health measures and proactive self and community wellness. My core values include authenticity, integrity, consistency and passion. I’m dedicated to igniting fitness journeys. Whether you are a seasoned athlete, a beginner or anything in between, I tailor progressive and adaptable workouts to meet your unique needs. You will sweat, have fun and want to come back for more. When I’m not in my many fitness arenas, you can find me in my kitchen juicing, baking or cooking, gardening, connecting with friends and family or organizing something else in my life. I look forward to challenging you to be a YOUR MOST OPTIMAL YOU with atomic habits to create consistency in your wellness journey.

Nicole Bottineau, Registered Massage Therapist & Training Coach

Nicole Bottineau

Registered Massage Therapist and Coach

Nicole’s life long love for sport and competition has moved her toward a journey with fitness. In 2013 she was a member of both a bootcamp and triathlon training group. In 2017, her passion for fitness lead her to become a certified Fitness Instructor Specialist (FIS) with Canfit pro. Here at Free2Be Fitness she has taught strength, HIIT and bootcamp style classes. Recently, Nicole expanded her fitness certifications by successfully completing her Spin instructor course adding Spin classes to her schedule.

Free2Be Fitness coach Sebrina Bromfield providing guidance

Sebrina Bromfield

Zumba Instructor and Coach

Sebrina attended her first Zumba class in the Spring of 2010, fell in love with it instantly and became an Instructor in the Summer of 2011. She has always had a passion for music and dance and Zumba became her catalyst for learning International rhythms and fusions in dance. She is always learning new choreography to bring the latest moves and hottest jams to the dance floor! In 2013, Sebrina also attained her certification as a Group Fitness Instructor Specialist through the Canadian Fitness Professionals Inc. Her continued training in areas of strength and stretch led her to create her Total Body Combo class, combining cardio, strength and stretch for a full-body workout. Her goal is that her students have both a challenging and fulfilling workout, and she would love to share her passion for fitness and dance with you. She will make you sweat, laugh and motivate you to enjoy your workout from start to finish!

Jalila Cabral, Nutritionist and R.BIE Practitioner

Jalila Cabral

Nutritionist and R.BIE Practitioner


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