Creating a Culture of Positivity

Creating a Culture of Positivity

Choose Optimism

A former senior leader once told me that I was too positive and optimistic. Now let me provide some context, we were having a bad year, sales were slow and morale was low. I can understand why my optimistic personality was taken critically in light of these business challenges.

Understanding the comment doesn’t mean I agreed with it. I’ve always chosen positivity. I find it much more fun, motivating and encouraging to have an optimistic outlook. I, myself, relate with the universe of possibility versus the cold wall that says ‘we’re finished’.

Science backs up the benefits of a positive outlook. A study published in Harvard Health found that optimism protects the body’s heart and circulatory systems. It also found that “people who had a positive outlook were much more likely to stay healthy and enjoy independent living than their less cheerful peers.”

Optimism requires keeping an open mind, which fosters followership, eliminates judgement, creates opportunities and gives us a better vision of the future. Choosing to be positive doesn’t mean ignoring the challenges and struggles of life. Instead, it means choosing to keep going in spite of it all.

When faced with a challenge, first acknowledge it (we need to be real and transparent), then solve it. The “How” is where the magic happens – this is when our positive and creative connections empower us to think ahead with the intention of achieving success (whatever that may look like).

On the other hand, negativity can cast a dark shadow that erodes momentum and trust. If we are always wearing a negative hat, that forward thinking and creative mind has a large hill to climb. In fact, we are building more barriers and moving further away from our goals.

For those of you feeling stuck in a rut of negativity, Free2Be Wellness has the tools and support you need to end the cycle. Float therapy is a wonderful way to turn off the outside distractions and look inwards to find the child-like joy we all carry. Mental health is an important focus, but it’s especially powerful when paired with physical wellness, and our fully equipped training facility is a great way to begin or continue your health journey.

Remember, we always have two choices. We can manifest what we want to see – that future vision of endless possibility or we can travel the gloomy world of negativity.

I choose possibility. I choose brightness. I choose opportunity. I choose Free2Be.

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